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Fiscal Year 2020-2021




                       Carter Amigh, MBH                                                 '21

                        Betsy Park, MB and MBH                                         '22

                        Joan Barrett, MB                                                    '21

                        William E. Bobbitt, Jr., MB                                       '20

                        Alasdair Storer, MB                                                 '22

                        Katherine Schoettle, MB                                          '23

                        Evelyn Cochran, MBH                                              '21      


                        Beth Opitz, MFH, MB                                               '20

                        Ronald Markland (SPO)                                            '19

                        Liz McKnight, MBH                                                   '21

                        Sally Bickerstaff, MBH                                              ‘20

                        Theodore Swedella, Jr. (Supporting Members)            '20      


Jessica Anderson, MB, President, NBC

Larry Bright, MB, President, Institute Corporation

Robin Conrad, President, Loudoun Agricultural and Chemical
                                    Institute Foundation




                        President                                                        Jessica Anderson, MB

                        1st Vice President                                            Emily Southgate

                        2nd Vice President                                           Vacant

                        Secretary                                                        Caroline Eichler, MBH

                        Assistant Secretary                                          Kerrington McCoy

                        Assistant Secretary                                          Ted Swedalla

                        Secretary for Supporting Members                     Dr. Jennifer Gonzalez

                        Treasurer                                                        Sandy McKenna, MBH

                        Assistant Treasurer, Supporting Members           Sarah Houle

                        Assistant Treasurer                                          Elizabeth Reeser

                        Assistant Treasurer                                          Franklin B. (Ben) Tuttle




AKC Delegate

Edmund Dziuk

Beagle Advisory Committee (BAC) Representative

Jessica Anderson

Farm Manager - Michael Sabus

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