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2016 Triple Challenge

15 May 2016 11:04 PM | W. Cody Anderson

‘Good things come to those who wait’ may provide the best epithet for the 2016 Triple Challenge hosted by the National Beagle Club at their home grounds in Aldie, Virginia the first weekend of May. This was certainly the idiom for the die-hard contender and supporter of the Triple Challenge Gregg Moore and his talented hound Moore's Punk Rock Star in the Park, which was co-owned by Paul Moore and took the grand prize at the end of two days of demanding competition.

The exceptional planning and venerable diligence of co-chairs Jennifer Buckley and Amy Burke insured that the event ran smoothly. Purina, as always, provided brilliant support and a handful of welcome favors and the winners with generous gifts.

The Triple Challenge is a three phase competition which judges the beagle in a brace format, a stake/large pack format and a bench show. Each phase of competition is evaluated by separate judges who are not privy to the scores and standing of each hound.

The brace format kicked off the competition first thing Saturday morning and was judged this year by Brandan Dunlop and Brandon Keese who spent the entire day and into the early evening placing hounds. Hounds were run in trios and pairs from 7:30 a.m. until mid-afternoon. All hounds were brought back for a late afternoon ‘play-off’ wherein the format was adjusted to three groups of ten.

After evaluating hounds in both formats Brandon and Brandan selected the 15” high hound (and high hound overall) as HBCH CH PR’ Gerharts Go Get ‘Em Billy and owned by Terry Gerhart from Coudersport, Pennsylvania. The 13” winner, T&D’s Lane Rae Mountainside Molly owned by Steve Fox (and always assisted by his son Tucker) from Bluemont, Virginia. The third overall scoring hound, regardless of measurements was Bush’s Abbey owned by Ramsay Barrett followed by the fourth placed Stoney Ridged Hare Raiser RS Slugger owned by Aaron M. Jacobus and fifth was Old Chatham Bastille owned by Jessica Anderson.

After a delightful cocktail party hosted by the esteemed Jean and Joie McDonald, who have contributed endless years to the success of this events, we supped heartily and re-convened in the main room for a splendid auction conducted by the enthusiastic Shelley Good-Cook and a team of assistants. Post cocktails, dinner and auctions we dug into our sleeping bags in order to rise early for the final two phases of competition.

All began at the break of dawn as Shelley (our emcee from the auction) and Collin Anderson led roll call for the 3-hour stake which was Moore’s Punk Rock Star in the Park enthusiastically judged by our two mounted judges Hazel Hannon of the Middletown-Orange County Beagles and Andy Bozdan who hunts the Loudon Fairfax Hounds.

Judges were expert equestrians and kept perfect pace with the freight train which struck almost immediately in the hollow of the enclosure and rocked back and forth for almost 45 minutes when judges made their first cull of the group. Hazel and Andy ran the class for the full three hours and pared the pack to a group to a dozen before calling it a class and making their selections. As always, judges must review every last hound and provide a score for each. It is a trying task when galloping along a crying pack with a posse of beagles who are all worthy of notice.

Just prior to 10 a.m., hounds were collected and we all retreated to the dining hall for an excellent brunch and minor respite. Within an hour, hounds and handlers reassembled in the main lawn for the final phase of competition which was the bench show. 

Just prior to the bench show, the stake winners were announced per winners of each measured group. FC Random Farm’s Whiskey owned Adam Keith was the high hound for the 13” competition and the 15” high hound was Gary’s Runem Over Snoopdog owned by Harry Burger. The top five hounds without size considerations were as follows: The highest placed hound was Gary’s Runem Over Snoopdog owned by Harry Burger. Second place was Old Chatham Apollo owned by Cody Anderson and third was awarded to Hurry Up Sweet Pea owned by Michael Tobery Sr. The fourth position went to Moore’s Punk Rock Star in the Park co-owned by Gregg Moore and Paul Moore. Fifth place went to Sycamore Creek Zeus owned by Danny Cunningham.

Just before noon, experienced AKC judge Oleg Voloshin carefully and professionally evaluated individual hounds for conformation and movement. Judge Voloshin was not privy to any of the scores of the hounds and their previous placements. He placed 15” Champion Bedlam’s Lane Rae Tattle Tale owned by Alayne Hartuniewicz narrowly edging out Moore's Punk Rock Star in the Park. The top 13” hound was Still Meadow’s Farmington Gaylord owned by Jennifer Buckley. Without size considerations, the top five hounds were as follows: Bedlam’s Lane Rae Tattle Tale owned by Alayne

Hartuniewicz was first; followed Moore's Punk Rock Star in the Park co-owned by Gregg Moore and Paul Moore. Bedlam’s Messenger owned by William Bobbitt held the fourth position followed closely by Bedlam Minstrel in the fourth place. The fifth place was Old Chatham Foreman owned by the Old Chatham Foot Beagles and shown by Cody Anderson. It cannot go without remark that three of the top five bench hounds incorporated the Bedlam name. Mandy Bobbitt continues to produce an impressive line of hounds which excel in both the bench and field.

If you were keeping an eye on the competition, there was a voice in the chorus that Moore’s Punk Rock Star in the Park possessed the proper va-va- voom for this competition, especially after his sound finish in the stake competition and a second place finish on the bench.

As we gathered for the final announcements, it must be noted that the number of hounds that were considered ‘qualified’ (scoring higher than 200 point overall) was exceptional. Competition was close and fierce, and hounds which excelled in one category met their maker in the next phase of competition. But that is what makes the two days so exciting!

And as premised, it was the handsome and diligent hound, Moore’s Punk Rock Star in the Park, co-owned by Gregg Moore and Paul Moore that won the weekend!

Beneath the banner of our die-hard sponsors, which include Purina and Garmin, our champions were photographed.


Held at Institute Farm

Aldie, Virginia

May 7 & 8, 2016

Champion Hound: Moore’s Punk Rock Star in the Park (owner Greg Moore and Paul


Reserve Champion Hound: Gary’s Runem Over Snoopdog (owner: Harry Burger)

3 rd Place: Glenbarr’s Bedlam Messenger (owner Billy Bobbitt)

4 th Place: HBCH CH PR’ Gerharts Go Get ‘Em Billy (owner: Terry Gerhart)

5 th Place: Old Chatham Middletown Valley Foreman (owner: Cody Anderson)

6 th Place: FC Random Farm’s Whiskey (owner: Adam Keith)

7 th Place: Hurry Up Sweet Pea (owner: Michael Tobery Sr)

8 th Place: Ch Bedlam’s Lane Rae Tattle Tale (owner; Alayne Hartuniewicz)

9 th Place: Waldingfield Voicemail (owner: Waldingfield/Ridge Lee Foundation)

10 th Place: B&B’s Shes Fancy Fancy (owner: Stanley Booker)

High Scoring Hounds in each category by measurement:


13” winner: T&D’s Lane Rae Mountainside Molly (owner: Steve Fox)

15” winner: HBCH CH PR’ Gerharts Go Get ‘Em Billy (owner Terry Gerhart)


13” winner: FC Random Farm’s Whiskey (owner: Adam Keith)

15” Winner: Gary’s Runem Over Snoopdog (owner: Harry Burger)


13” winner: Still Meadow’s Farmington Gaylord (owner Jennifer Buckley)

15” winner: Ch Bedlam’s Lane Rae Tattle Tale (owner: Alayne Hartuniewicz)

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