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Results of the 2018 Fall Basset Pack Trials

29 Oct 2018 11:08 AM | W. Cody Anderson

Many thanks to our judges Tim Miller, MFH  and Mary O'Connell for braving the lousy weather and tough scenting conditions. A huge thanks to Lei Ruckle and Ron Ausman for bringing their horses.

Three Couple - Bohemia River Plate

1st         Tewksbury

2nd        ­­­­­­­­­­­­­Okaw Valley

3rd        Foxboro

4th        Ripshin

Clarkson Carpenter, Jr. Trophy (50% Performance - 50% Confirmation): Okaw Valley

Five Couple -   Thornwood Bowl

1st         Upper Bay

2nd        Ashland

3rd         Calf Pasture

4th          Monkton Hall

NBC Coldstream Plate in memory of William H. Radebaugh, Jr.  (50%/50% Hunting Confirmation): Ashland

Seven Couple - J. S. Jones Trophy

1st         Ripshin

2nd        Ashland

3rd         Tewksbury Foot Bassets

4th        Three Creek

Coverside Plate in honor of Joseph B. Wiley, Jr.  (50% Confirmation – 50% Performance): Three Creek

Total Highest Scored Pack in the Field - Flint Hill Trophy:  Upper Bay

Highest of Total Scores in the Field (Cumulative) Strathalbyn Trophy -  Ashland

Bench Show Champion Basset:  The Tantivy Trophy

Champion:       Larking - of Tewksbury

Reserve:           Dublin - of Hill and Hollow

Entered Dog won by:    Dublin - of Hill and Hollow

Entered Bitch won by:  Larking - of Tewksbury

Best Presentation (overall 3 days), Dawson Trophy:   Ashland

Best Whipper-In:  Ashley Souchek (packs: Okaw Valley and Three Creek)

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